What is New on Rodents in Africa?

African Center of excellence in Innovative Rodent Pest Management and Biosensor Technology Development (ACE IRPM &BTD) (Rat Tech) at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania. 
The major aim of the IRPM&BTD is build capacity for innovation in rodent pest management on the African continent. The ACE IRPM&BTD activities will incorporate biosensor technology for tuberculosis diagnosis and land mine detection. The technology uses trained rats for land mine detection as well as a novel diagnostic approach for tackling tuberculosis epidemic.

The ACE IRPM&BTD  will support regional partners (Uganda and Ethiopia) to enable them to be able to develop capacity in rodent biology and management. The ACE IRPM&BTD will facilitate the establishment of Rodent Research Units (RRU) in Uganda and Ethiopia.

The RRU will become the hub for research on rodents in their respective countries in order to generate knowledge, develop technologies and disseminate them to stakeholders. The RRU will build capacity in STI on rodent pest management.

The ACE IRPM&BTD will train the core staff of the RRU to MSc and PhD levels. The formation of the RRU will lead to research collaborations regionally and internationally and in the process attract sustainable funding for their activities.
The ACE for IRPM&BTD will build capacity through training at the MSc and PhD levels in rodent taxonomy, ecology, innovative STI in rodent management and biosensor technology in East, Southern and central Africa.

The ACE IRPM&BTD will train not less than 75 MSc students and 30 PhDs. About 30 of these candidates will be from our regional partners.

The ACE IRPM&BTD will establish basic and applied research programs for African scientists to pursue high-impact projects in rodent management,
understanding the impact of zoonotic diseases on communities and their mitigation, and how best to use biosensor technology for detecting landmines and diagnosis of diseases.

Read more at: http://www.spmc.suanet.ac.tz/index.php/32-centre-informations/139-african-centre-of-excellence


New PhD on Rodents: Christopher Sabuni

Christopher Sabuni, a Phd candidate supervised by Prof. Rhodes H. Makundi, Prpf. Herwig Leirs and Prof. Maganga successfully defended his Phd in a viva voce held on on 2nd August 2016. His thesis title is : Population ecology of Rhynchocyon petersi and Beamys hindei in selected coastal forests in and around Saadani National Park,  Tanzania.